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Steven Normore

Building things, learning, and writing about it

Learning Rust as a Go Developer

For developers proficient in Go, learning Rust provides an opportunity to engage with system programming through a different lens. Both Rust and Go are modern programming languages designed to handle tasks like concurrency and system-level operations efficiently, but they approach these tasks with distinct methodologies and philosophies.

Lifetimes in Rust

In Rust, lifetimes are a form of static metaprogramming used to ensure memory safety without needing garbage collection. They are annotations that tell the Rust compiler about the scope in which a reference is valid. When working with lifetimes, you might find them confusing or cumbersome, especially when the compiler requires explicit lifetime specifications in complex scenarios. Understanding how to manage lifetimes effectively can make them feel less burdensome.

Bounded Rationality

Bounded rationality is a concept in economics and decision theory that acknowledges the limitations of decision makers in terms of the information they have, their cognitive capabilities, and the finite time they have to make decisions. The term was coined by Herbert A. Simon, an economist and psychologist who noted that while traditional models of decision-making in economics and other fields assumed that individuals acted rationally to maximize their utility, real human behavior often deviates from this ideal due to practical constraints.